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Years of work into one single project has finally been realized. Today, after an exhausting and very expensive final round of manufacturing, legal, and business ends finally tied up -it is here, ready to ship RIGHT NOW from the only place it is available on CD -“quick, easy, and direct from Musicspeak, Inc.” WWW.MUSICSPEAK.NET and MP3 album on the iTunes Store and Google Play.

Name: MusicSpeak
Album: ‘sound of reason’
Release: Copyright 2012
Label: Musicspeak, Inc. [catalog #01]
Music and words by: Gary A Williams
Publishing: Gary Williams Musicspeak Publishing (ascap)
Produced by: Gary Williams for Musicspeak Productions
Mastered by: Ty Tabor for Alien Beans Studio
Genre: Rock

“MusicSpeak ‘sound of reason’ (OUT NOW!) is written, performed, and produced by Gary Williams, and has vocal performance provided by Jennifer Laverdiere.”

I have posted a preview clip at with a random ~30 seconds of each track but I was careful to save the surprises within these songs for full album listens. [GW]

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