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What is shown in this photo is some art for the new album;
MusicSpeak​ ‘gravity of now’ to be released “summer 2015”
This album is written, performed, recorded and produced by Gary Williams​.
Vocal performance is provided by Erica Raff​ (with backing vocal by Jessie Albright​).
FrontPreviewRadio MusicSpeak ‘gravity of now’ is album #2 in a trilogy of releases that are each individual in theme, but connected in various ways; Musical, lyrical, and otherwise. Album #1, MusicSpeak ‘sound of reason’ released independently in late 2012 and is available exclusively on for the preferred physical CD version, and also on iTunes, and other Mp3 shops online. Please grab the full album, as it was created and intended for -the only way to get the full arc and dynamic of each project.
MusicSpeak ‘gravity of now’ is in final mix mode right now, and will launch “summer 2015”.
Release date, label, and details are incoming as business and legal goes through the process.
– – –
A special preview of a few new songs is happening THIS WEEK:
Sunday, April 19th, 7pm on 107.1 FRANK FM​ -and streaming online at and is hosted by Dave Lawrence​.
Please support independent ‘original dynamic rock’ from Vermont, USA.
Thanks everyone! [Gary Williams]
– – –