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Musicspeak Education Program

“serving central Vermont and beyond since 1993”

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Contact now to start a progressive, creative education program available. Multiple instruments and services, student/instrument crossovers between students …and I travel to you. – – – Drums, guitar, bass, percussion, production, business/album/live prep, gear selection and repair issues ….I’ve got you covered with 22 years of service throughout VT; Private lessons, workshops, and more for individuals and for groups. All ages, flexible time slots and rates, affordable home lessons service, and exclusive curriculum = Musicspeak Education Program Students of all ages and levels welcome and encouraged. Home schooled students, special needs, multi-instrumentalist, school band tutoring are all part of the program …jump in now and PLAY!

Musicspeak® Education Program offers a long term experience for students with new programs being added all the time. Among those additions have been the multiple Workshop Programs, and along with the long standing Private Lesson Program, are exclusive to Musicspeak®.

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Musicspeak® Private Lesson Program:
With the goal of mixing ingredients into a musical style that is both original and progressive, this program propels students as far as they want to go. One on one instruction is the most efficient way to focus on problem areas, and to highlight strengths. With exclusive curriculum, this program is challenging and rewarding, especially for long term students. Instruments include
drums, guitarbasspercussionsong writing and composion, production;
Conducted by
Gary Williams. Private lessons are usually weekly, but multiple days, bi-weekly, even a one-off appointment or other scheduling can be arranged as well!

Musicspeak® Session Workshop:
Involving on the spot training for a studio situation, the student will participate in the direction of some pre-written song structures, dynamics, and performance, etc. This workshop is one on one, but in some cases additional musicians, students, and/or parents may be involved (especially for multiple sessions). My rates are not only affordable, the CD’s and Musicspeak MP3 Download make great gifts for family and friends! This workshop is available for anyone, not just current students.

Musicspeak® Band Workshop:
This exclusive workshop provides an opportunity for musicians to have an outside observer work directly with bands to coach, encourage, and outline strengths and weaknesses of the group. Improved productivity, efficiency, and overall focus are the goal with this program. A band that can communicate has a much better chance at progress, and with Musicspeak Education Program, students are offered in-depth assistance.

Musicspeak® Workshop Program:
During a standard 8 week run, the Musicspeak Workshop Program connects students and starts beginners with solid, accurate information on playing their instrument! This workshop usually takes place at the school, or a hosts home (for example) adding this program. There are guitar (bass guitar included) and drum workshops for new players, and an additional 8 week workshop for those with experience. Schools, home schoolers, groups, or individuals interested in adding this exclusive Musicspeak workshop to their music program, or as an after school program,
 for details on curriculum, scheduling, 
or more information, rates, and scheduling 
for appointment

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“Gary Williams’ inventive drumming is the highlight! He plasters his beats with staccato double kick flurries and aggressive hand/foot combos that turn every song into a rhythmic tour de force” (From Modern Drummer print magazine)


“MusicSpeak is the project of versatile multi-instrumentalist and music educator Gary Williams. Clearly, from a spin or two, Williams precision and skillfulness in song composition and musicianship is self-evident.” (From Classic Rock Society print magazine)

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